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Why the broad street pump?

In 1854, Dr John Snow observed that most cases that occurred in the first few days of an explosive cholera epidemic, in London, occurred in close proximity to Broard St. parish pump, from which 89% of people who died, regularly drew water. He persuaded the vestrymen of the local parish of St James to remove the handle of the pump whereupon the plague immediately abated.


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BSP June Issue 35:


Hospitals in the community - a matter of public health

Professor Lyn Gilbert


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BSP June Issue 36:


Feature Article
What can Australia learn from the introduction of chikungunya virus to North America?

Dr Cameron E Webb


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Issue #30 (April 2013) [PDF]

"Next Generation Sequencing in the Clinical Microbiology Laboratory"
"Applications of Whole Genome Sequencing: Tuberculosis"

Issue #33 (August 2013) [PDF]

'The Tuberculosis Centre of Research Excellence'
Dr Gabriella Scandurra
'The Fight Against Tuberculosis in Vietnam'
Dr Greg J. Fox
'Tuberculosis Research in China'
Dr Magda Ellis

Issue #34 (October 2013) [PDF]

•'When it comes to mosquito-borne disease prevention, awareness and surveillance is critical' Dr Cameron E Webb
•'More than mozzies: The health risks associated with Australian arthropods' Dr Cameron E Webb & Mr Stephen Doggett
•'The reality of new technologies in arbovirus and mosquito surveillance in NSW' Dr Cheryl S Toi
•'Are we providing the right advice on personal protection measures against endemic and exotic mosquito-borne diseases' Dr Cameron E Webb
•'Can botanical products assist the control of dengue outbreaks in Malaysia?' Liyana Mokhtar



Issue #30 (August 2012) [PDF]

Medical Entomology in Australia: past, present and future concerns
The career of Professor Richard Russell

Issue #29 (June 2012) [PDF]

Health-associated Infection Prevention and Control Short Course Overview.

Issue #28 (April 2012) [PDF]

MALDI-TOF Bringing clinical microbiology into the new century?
John Iredell

Issue #27 (Feb 2012) [PDF]

Vitali Sintchenko

Issue #21 (February 2011) [PDF]

"One Health" - an infectious disease perspective from CIDM-Public Health
and the Sydney Emerging Infections and Biosecurity Institute (SEIB)
Lyn Gilbert Tania Sorrell

Issue #22 (April 2011) [PDF]

Shobini Sivagnanam
Anna Ralph

Issue #23 (June 2011) [PDF]

"A recent measles outbreak in Western Sydney *
diagnosis and population vaccination status"
Kristina Flego, Vicky Sheppeard & Kenneth McPhie

Issue #24 (Aug 2011) [PDF]

"Climate Change and the future risks of mosquito borne disease in Australia"
Dr Cameron Webb
"Laboratory Diagnosis of Arboviruses"
Ms Linda Hueston
"Equine Arbovirus Outbreak of 2011"
Dr Gary Muscatello

Issue #25 (October 2011) [PDF]

"Are we ready for the next bio-threat?"
Lyn Gilbert
"Hendra virus outbreak of 2011"
Dr Gary Muscatello
"Biosecurity Policy and Ethics: Australia and the Biological Weapons Convention"
Associate Professor Christian Enemark

Issue #26 (December 2011) [PDF]

SEIB 2011, our annual colloquium, hosted on the 23rd,24th November
Professor Tania Sorrell and A/ Professor Ben Marais

Issue #27 (Feb 2011) [PDF]

A focus on Salmonella

Issue #16 (February 2010) [PDF]

"When Pigs Fly - The Season that Was"
Dr Jen Kok & Professor Dominic E. Dwyer

Issue #17 (April 2010) [PDF]

"Maggot debridement therapy (MDT) - not a 'fly by night' therapy!"
Merilyn J. Geary and Professor Richard Russell.

Issue #18 (June 2010) [PDF]

"CLOSTRIDIUM DIFFICILE- Emerging in Australia"
Lyn Gilbert

Issue #19 (August 2010) [PDF]

"Brave New World? Recent developments in Hepatitis C treatment"
Mark Douglas

Issue #20 (October 2010) [PDF]

"Queensland Tick Typhus "
Matthew R Watts & Bernie J Hudson


Issues 2009

Issue #11 (February 2009) [PDF]

Is it Time to Replace the Tuberculin Skin Test with Interferon-gamma Release Assays?
Dr Vitali Sintchenco, Dr Sharon Chen and David Dickeson

Issue #12 (April 2009) [PDF]

Point-Of-Care Influenza Diagnostic Tests
Kenneth McPhie

Issue #13 (June 2009) [PDF]

What's new in pneumococcal disease
Lyn Gilbert

Issue #14 (August 2009) [PDF]

New Molecular Platforms for the Diagnosis of Invasive Fungal Infections
Anna Lau

Issue #15 (October 2009) [PDF]

Approaches to Treatment of Human Strongyloidiasis
Yasmin Sultana & Rogan Lee



Issues 2008

Issue #11 (December 2008) [PDF]

Feature Article: Can Molecular Typing of MRSA Improve Hospital Infection Control?

Dr Mathew O'Sullivan

Issue #10 (September 2008) [PDF]

Feature Article: Molecular Identification and Typing of Human Enteroviruses

Fei Zhou, PhD Student

Issues 2007

Issue #9 (January 2007) [PDF]

Feature Article: Novel methods for typing Salmonella Typhimurium - a common cause of food poisoning in Australia

Dr Qinning Wang

Issues 2006

Issue #8 (June 2006) [PDF]

Feature Article: Monitoring measles control in Australia

Heather Gidding

Issue #7 (March 2006) [PDF]

Feature Article: Herpes simplex virus vaccines

Prof Adrian Mindel

Issues 2005

Issue #6 (December 2005) [PDF]

Feature Article: The Re-emergence of Pertussis

Dr Vitali Sintchenko

Issue #5 (September 2005) [PDF]

Feature Article: Rapid Diagnosis of Malaria

Dr John Walker

Issue #4 (June 2005) [PDF]

Feature Article: Serological Super Sleuthing

Linda Hueston

Issue #3 (March 2005) [PDF]

Feature article: Antibiotic Resistance - Don't forget the basics

A/Prof Jon Iredell

Issues 2004

Issue #2 (December 2004) [PDF]

Feature article: Laboratory surveillance of invasive pneumococcal disease

Prof Lyn Gilbert

Issue #1 (August 2004) [PDF]

Feature article: Emerging viral infections in Australia and the region

Dr Dominic Dwyer



CIDM Staff