Blood Pressure Monitors and other Essential Health Devices

With no symptoms of high blood pressure, the only way to know if you have it, is to take a blood pressure test. A quick check with the doctor or by visiting a local pharmacy will let you know straight away as to whether you need to keep your blood pressure under control, and whether it’d be a good idea to invest in a Blood Pressure Monitor, or not. With a Blood Pressure test only taking a couple of minutes at best, there’s no excuse whatsoever to not get tested. Living with high blood pressure untreated is dangerous and could lead to life threatening heart issues, so its important you get it checked out!

If you come away from a blood pressure test with completely healthy results, then lucky you. If you’re not one of the lucky ones, then you need to consider blood pressure monitors, and which is the best for you. There’s many different brands and variations of monitors available, so its important to know which has the features which will be useful for you, and which is going to make the most sense for you to use. Ideally, ask your doctor at the time of your blood pressure test which monitor they would recommend or visit your local pharmacy and ask the pharmacist both will have an extremely good idea of which is going to suit your needs the best.

There are four very simple ways to keep your blood pressure at a healthy level; the sort of things you can do as part of an every day routine.

blood pressure monitor UKExercise Understandably, keeping active will help to keep down your blood pressure. Exercise for at least three times a week something simple like a half hour walk is enough, yet a lack of exercise is the main reason for high blood pressure throughout the world.

Weight The second most obvious one, is to keep your weight down. Excess weight means your body having to work harder throughout the day eat well and exercise to keep a healthy weight.

Salt Excess salt in your diet can lead to high blood pressure too. If you enjoy a lot of salt on your food, perhaps think about reducing that a healthy amount of salt in your diet is fine, but too much is proven to cause high blood pressure.

Alcohol Alcohol especially is very tough on your blood pressure levels, even if you only drink in moderation. By eliminating or significantly reducing the levels of alcohol you consume, you’ll have immediate benefits for your blood pressure.

Features to look in blood pressure monitor

Home blood pressure monitors come in arm-cuff and wrist-cuff models. Advances in wearable technology, mobile devices and apps mean that consumer health care monitors are set to become ever more integrated with our day-to-day lives. There are many different kinds of home blood pressure monitor, but it is easiest to use a monitor that is fully automatic (digital). Choose one that measures your blood pressure at your upper arm, rather than at your wrist or finger. Recent research shows that an average of several readings over time provides the most reliable measurement. When narrowing your choice, make sure to consider performance, features, and price, as well as attributes such as color, size, or style.

  • In the first of a new series of features rounding up available consumer health technology, we take a look at a selection of the best home blood pressure monitors currently available to buy.
  • Upper-arm blood pressure monitors usually give the most accurate and consistent results.
  • Home testing is essential for taking multiple readings and can actually be more accurate than the results you get at a doctor’s office.
  • Pressure measurements taken at the wrist are extremely sensitive to body position.
  • Does Not Require Any Skills or Assistance – Just make sure the cuff is aligned properly (most cuffs include a diagram), push one button and get your reading in seconds.
  • Since readings can differ at different times of the day, blood pressure should be monitored at various spans throughout the day.

Wrist blood pressure monitors tend to be lighter and therefore more portable for travelling. The cuff should be positioned at heart level for an accurate reading. Easy to operate by yourself. Times when stress levels are high, blood pressure readings will be higher. But they are more prone to giving inaccurate readings because the wrist isn’t naturally at heart height, so the wrist has to be carefully positioned while a reading is taken. The right blood pressure monitor can give you a better understanding of your condition. Many monitors have multi-user capability, built in memory, average reading calculation, heart rate and irregular heartbeat detection. In order to get accurate readings, choose specific times of the day to monitor, and stick to those times. It is also possible to buy cheaper “semi-automatic” models, that require you to inflate the cuff yourself, but which then give an automatic reading.

Different types of blood pressure monitors

2017 blood pressure monitorsIt can be motivational, as it gives you feedback while you’re making changes to your lifestyle – all those kale smoothies and CrossFit classes will be worth it as you watch your blood pressure come down! With an automatic arm monitor, you simply wrap the cuff around your bicep and with the push of one button the cuff inflates and deflates automatically giving you your blood pressure reading on the display window in a matter of seconds. For arm models, make sure the blood pressure monitor you choose has a cuff that fits the circumference of your upper arm. These do not have the convenience of automatic models, and because of inconsistencies by some users in inflating the cuff, the results can be unreliable. Each blood pressure monitor on our shortlist is designed to fit the upper arm.

Monitoring your own resting blood pressure regularly in the comfort of your own home can help combat misdiagnosis, because you know what your actual resting blood pressure is and can tell your doctor, thus alleviating any concerns. Using a cuff that’s the wrong size can result in an inaccurate reading. Finger and wrist units are rapidly growing in popularity. Wrist cuff monitors are also available, but the physicians we spoke to advised that wrist monitor readings tend to be less accurate. Most models we tested have two cuffs or a cuff that adjusts to fit most people.

They are easy to use and are convenient for people who have difficulty placing a cuff on the upper arm. Some of the monitors we reviewed work better on people with larger arms; we address that consideration here. Wrist models also adjust to fit most people. But some doctors have cautioned that they lack the accuracy of the upper arm units. The manual blood pressure monitors was invented in 1881 by Dr Samuel Karl von Basch.

The only way to know whether your lifestyle changes or medications are working is to check your blood pressure regularly. The device consists of an inflatable cuff which works together with a mercury or mechanical manometer. Monitoring blood pressure changes at home can help you and your doctor make decisions about your treatment, such as adjusting dosages or changing medications. Even today, the manual type of sphygmomanometers are preferred by clinicians for their accuracy.

Some essential health devices that are useful

Health is wealth, we all have being hearing this since childhood. But do we really care for our health?, do we really spend time and money to keep ourselves healthy and fit. Apart from doing exercise and healthy eating, there are certain tools that helps us keeping our body fit and fine. In this article we will be discussing about those devices.

Water Flosser
In today’s modern age, most people do not properly take care of their teeth and gums, resulting in tooth ache and early fall of tooth. The oral problem is not only limited to kids, there are many youths and elder people who suffers from daily tooth ache and other problem. Just brushing teeth once or twice may not be enough, You need to do water flossing as this keeps your teeth and gums healthy and clean. If you can buy a top water flosser of 2017 in UK, this will certainly help and reduce your oral problems.

Water flossing benefitsAn oral irrigator is basically a jet wash for the mouth, using pressurized water to clean bio-film (plaque) and food debris from between the teeth and around the gum margin. A water flosser — also called an “oral irrigator” — is a device that offers a more technologically advanced way to floss. The magic of this Water pik flosser comes from its compact and modern design. It is able to reach places that a toothbrush never could, and can provide a more comfortable experience than using standard string. Also referred to as Water Jet’s, Irrigators are particularly useful for those who struggle to clean effectively with a toothbrush and floss alone. Continue reading “Blood Pressure Monitors and other Essential Health Devices”

Do You Need To Whiten Your Teeth – A brief guide

One of the most popular service requested of dentists nowadays is teeth whitening. Your smile says a lot about you. If you do not have the perfect pearly white smile you will feel self conscious and hesitant to smile and show off your teeth. Society has placed a lot of emphasis on perfection in just about every form and that is why teeth whitening have become so popular. However, how do you find the best teeth whitening products?

When your teeth are stained from smoking tobacco or from drinking coffee or any of those products that cause stains most people find this embarrassing and refuse to give a big bright smile whenever they are told a joke. The ability to laugh freely is taken away because you are of the opinion that your teeth are not beautiful and white the way you imagine they should be.
What are the best teeth whitening products and do they work?

Teeth whitening products are made using a mixture of peroxide to bleach the teeth. This mixture, which is placed on the enamel of your teeth is able to soak through its inner layer and due to the porous nature of the teeth the mixture soaks in resulting in you experiencing whiter teeth.

There are several methods involved in the teeth whitening process:

Visit your dentist to have the teeth whitening procedure done. This has proven to be a very effective method however, it can be expensive. Most people cannot afford this expensive procedure so they rely on other cheaper effective methods.

Whitening at home Whitening your teeth at home is very cost effective, however you first must find the best teeth whitening products for this to be effective. Whitening at home can take the form of whitening toothpastes, solution that bleach the teeth, whitening strips and gels that are painted on the teeth.

Whitening toothpastes contains whitening agents that remove stains from your teeth. They will not actually change the color of your teeth, but will make them appear whiter as they remove stains. The ingredients in these toothpastes can wear down the enamel in your teeth.


Bleaching solutions: These are available as mouth guards that are placed over the teeth. They contain peroxide which bleaches the teeth enamel.

Whitening Strips: This is a strip containing bleaching solution that is placed over your teeth.

Gels: A special whitening gel is used to paint the teeth. This method is safe and inexpensive. The results will be visible in several weeks.

These are the popular methods of whitening the teeth that are used today. Choose one that is convenient for you to use and which you will feel is safer.

There are several brands of teeth whitening products available on the market. Brands such as Colgate, Crest, Arm and Hammer, Rembrandt and Pronamel are all brands that are well-known and I am sure they offer great results in whitening discolored teeth. However, of all the brands that has been successfully reviewed and has been known to perform the best is the Idol white teeth whitening product. Idol whitening promises very safe and effective whitening method that is non abrasive, easy to use and works really fast leaving you with beautiful white teeth. The idol white effect is just as effective as the dentist procedure. Your teeth will look sparkling and bright as if you just left the dentist.